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Local Music Live

It’s been fantastic to be involved with Local Music Live over the past few months. Big congratulations to Feliicia Eliza on being chosen as winner. Also, big thank you to everyone who entered and submitted some great new music. Hopefully there will be many more competitions and events in the future.

Today myself and my colleagues at Red Wall Studios, began our part of the prize winning package being a fully recorded, mixed and mastered single, undertaken here at Red Wall Studios. Two days have been allocated for completion and all instrumentation was tracked today.

The instruments recorded and microphones used were as follows: Drum kit (Kick – AKG D112, Snare Top – Audix i5, Snare Bottom – Shure SM57, Floor Tom – Audix D4, Rack Tom – Audix D2, Hi-Hats – AT2020, Overhead Left – SE1A, Overhead Right – SE1A, Overhead Centre – Shure PG81, Kit Mic – Rode NT2 and Room Mic – SE2200a), Bass – DI, Electric Guitar – DI and Acoustic Guitar (Body – AT2020, Neck – SE1A and DI).

Below are photos of the drum kit with microphone placement and tracking in the control room.

It was a pleasure to work with Feliicia and her band, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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