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  • Red Wall Live

    Red Wall Live

    Saturday 16th December was the second of the gig nights me and my colleagues at Red Wall Studios have put on, under the Red Wall Live brand. This was however the first to include a fully licensed bar. I have held a Personal License for over 10 years so might as well put it to good use. The bands…

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  • Dolby Atmos Horror Noise

    Dolby Atmos Horror Noise

    In an earlier blog I discussed what Dolby Atmos is, and what it is all about. Over the past few weeks I have been exploring more of what Dolby Atmos can do. Here I will share with you a short experimental binaural soundscape I have created. Dolby Atmos is based upon a 7.1.2 channel bed, with up to 118 additional…

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  • FabFilter Pro-L 2

    FabFilter Pro-L 2

    A few days ago I was hired to undertake some mastering for a new client. Today was the release of the new and improved FabFilter Pro-L 2. I own all the products made my FabFilter, so was eligible for a 70% discount. An ideal opportunity to give it a whirl. I have used original Pro-L on…

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  • Ambisonic Orchestra

    Ambisonic Orchestra

    On 24th and 25th November 2017 I had the great pleasure of recording Ramsbottom Choral Society and Orchestra during their final rehearsal, then concert performance of Handel’s Messiah. Having used surround microphone positioning (Rode NT4, Rode NT2-A, 2 x AKG C214) and the SoundField ST450 microphone, I decided to take a short piece from the recordings to create an…

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  • I’ve been aware of the Facebook Spatial Workstation since attending a conference on spatial audio earlier this year. I tried it, but it never really interested me as I haven’t got access to 360 video cameras to create video content. It has since been updated considerably and is now included within the latest version of Avid Pro Tools software,…

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  • I have been looking into a few of the available options for online collaboration within audio production. There are numerous ways available in which to share files and projects between collaborators, such as Dropbox and the like. However, I am more interested to see what is available for real-time, or live collaboration between studios and artists. One…

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  • Avid Pro Tools S6 and Dolby Atmos

    Last week I returned to The University of Salford to commence Semester 2 of the MSc Audio Production course I started in January 2017. After a long summer break I have been eagerly awaiting my return to the course. As part of my studies over the next few weeks I will be using some new studios and equipment. The University…

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  • Microphone addition

    Microphone addition

    New addition to my collection of microphones, a Beyerdynamic M88. Available for use with all future projects.  

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  • Voice Reel Recording

    It was fantastic to welcome Katherine McDermott into Red Wall Studios today. A voice reel and a couple of scripts for her portfolio were recorded. Microphone used for the vocal recording was an SE2200a through a DBX 376 preamp. I later edited and mixed to backing tracks. Here is the finished voice reel:

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  • Local Music Live

    It’s been fantastic to be involved with Local Music Live over the past few months. Big congratulations to Feliicia Eliza on being chosen as winner. Also, big thank you to everyone who entered and submitted some great new music. Hopefully there will be many more competitions and events in the future. Today myself and my…

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