Dean Corrie Audio

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer & Sound Designer


Artist: Katherine Lunney

Track: Voice Reel

Artist: Adam Varah

Track: Voice Reel

Track: Gaming Reel

Artist: Gareth Morgan

Track: Voice Reel

Artist: Nicola Holt

Track: Voice Reel

Artist: Katherine McDermott

Track: Voice Reel

Artist: Lancashire Belle

Track: White Cliffs Of Dover (Cover)

Artist: Pete Woodcock

Track: Me and Mrs Jones (Cover)

Artist: Pete Woodcock

Track: Mr Bojangles (Cover)

Christmas Party (Telephone On-hold)

Live music video performed by Puppet Theory in collaboration with S57 Productions

Live music video performed by Jess Kemp in collaboration with S57 Productions

Here are some examples of voice recordings for video:

An example of an EP mastered:


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