Digital Audio Workstations (DAW): Cubase 10.5, Pro Tools, Ableton Live 9 Suite, Reaper 6, Reason 6.5, Renoise.

Numerous plugins and instruments from FabFilter, iZotope, Slate Digital, Waves, D16, Soundtoys, Blue Cat, Sonic Charge and more.

Useful utilities: Propellerhead Recycle 2.2, Cycling 74 Max 6, Bome’s MIDI Translator Pro


Zoom F4 Multitrack Field Recorder, Audient ID14, Behringer ADA8200, MOTU 828mk2, MOTU MIDI Express 128, DBX 376, Roland V-Synth XT, Roland MC-909, Roland M-1000, Edirol PCR-M50, Novation Nocturn, Novation Launchpad, Korg PadKontrol, Korg Kaoss Pad mk2, Technics SL1210 (x2), Pioneer DJM300, Sennheiser HD25 (x2)


SE Electronics 2200a, SE1A (x2), Shure SM58, Shure SM57, Beyerdynamic M88, AKG D112, Audix D6, Audix D4, Audix D2 (x2), Rode NT4, Rode NTG4 and Rode Smartlav+