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Online Audio Collaboration

I have been looking into a few of the available options for online collaboration within audio production. There are numerous ways available in which to share files and projects between collaborators, such as Dropbox and the like. However, I am more interested to see what is available for real-time, or live collaboration between studios and artists.

One product I have been aware of for a while is  Source Connect. This is advertised as an industry standard ISDN replacement. Source Connect is used to connect studios around the world, to primarily record voice talent and Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR). Source Connect works as standalone software or can be integrated into any DAW software used. It does appear to be a very good product, however it is quite specific in it’s uses. The product is quite expensive and as it is not yet 64-bit supported on Windows it is not something I am keen to purchase.

Another product I have been looking at recently is VST Connect from Steinberg. There are two versions, VST Connect Pro and VST Connect SE which is included within Cubase Pro DAW software. The main differences between the versions being VST Connect Pro supports up to 16 tracks, compared to just stereo, and also supports higher quality uncompressed audio transfer. VST Connect can transfer audio, MIDI and video between the host studio and the artist/musician anywhere in the world over an internet connection. To connect to the host studio (which will be running Cubase Pro) the collaborating musician needs the free VST Connect Performer application running on their computer. Once the connection is made between host and client, audio, MIDI and video communication is established. As a Cubase 6.5 user for many years, VST Connect could be one of the many improvements with Cubase Pro which may tempt me to soon upgrade.

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